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Thanks for visiting! My names Tiffany and I am the owner of Tiffany Carr Photography. I have been photographing families, children, and couples professionally for about 5 years now, and I enjoy every single minute of it. When I'm not photographing clients, I am working as an assistant for an Oral surgery office. I am happily married to my husband, Luigi, who is not only my best friend, but my biggest supporter. He is (obviously) 100% Italian and knows how to make the best pizza ever (again obviously the reason I married him lol!) He works as a... I'm not really sure? I know he does something with logistics, but don't ask me what or how because I'll never be able to explain it to you. His family owns an awesome Restaurant & Pizzeria in Holmdel, NJ called La Ginestra. You should check it out if you love Italian food! Our favorite past time is eating pizza & drinking wine while "Friends" plays on Netflix in the background. We have been together for 9 years and finally tied the knot February, 2019. Together we have our little fur-baby Oliver. During our spare time, we like to wrap him up in his little life jacket and take him for a swim at the beach - forever a girl who loves the jersey shore. 

my passion for photos:  

  I have always enjoyed taking photos for as long as I can remember, there's something about freezing a moment that fascinates me. Being a nostalgic person who hates change, I find that photography is the best way to hold on to memories. When I was younger I used to keep all of my photos in a gift box under my bed, the kind that you printed from the disposable cameras and placed in those blue and green envelopes from the drug store. I always said I wanted to make a scrap book, but truthfully I was pretty content with the whole experience of retrieving the box under my bed, dusting it off, and reviewing the photos every now and then. Before my grandma had passed away she pulled out a shoe box of her own photos and went over each one with me, explaining family members I had never met and instances I had only heard stories about. It was a special moment. Now, technology has changed the way we think about photos. But, regardless of their physical form, they still give us that same feeling of love and sentiment. My ultimate goal when photographing is to make the person behind the camera feel comfortable, relaxed, and beautiful. I try to capture a person within a photo, a moment, a feeling. I always strive to make our experience as enjoyable and creative as possible. As a person, I love to make other people smile, laugh, and feel as though they can look at me as a friend. I have made many friends through this opportunity of owning my own business, and I am grateful to be connected to so many beautiful souls.

Session Expectations:

     Photography has always been a creative outlet for me and a way to meet people from all different backgrounds, locations, and walks of life. It has led me to great conversations with some amazing people that I wouldn't have had the chance to meet otherwise. My favorite thing about photography is that it doesn't have to be a traditional,posey & uptight session. I am here for the fun & the genuine smiles! I tend to be a little quirky & giggly during sessions, but it always seems to allow people to loosen up and enjoy our time together! I love outdoor photography and traveling to unique locations, but also have a studio space located in Keyport N.J. I'm a sucker for natural light, love stories, and cute families! 

   I would be honored to work with you! It makes me happy when clients reach out to ask questions about my style, or want to know more about sessions & packages, or maybe just want to grab a quick cup of coffee together - so please feel free to direct any of your questions to:



call/text (908)601-7427

Let's be friends! 

xoxo Tiff