Your gallery has been delievered

I received my photos, now what?

Each gallery is delivered by email 1-2 weeks post session date. Large events, weddings, and parties may take longer. Images are sent virtually and are individually edited to showcase my personal editing style. Please do not alter photos in any way (cropping, filters, or adding text). Clients receive all rights to photos and can print directly with me, or any capable photo lab. Images can be downloaded to your PC or directly to your cell phone. Please DO NOT screenshot photos. By doing this, your quality of photo is becoming distorted and images will not print or transition appropriately. Always make sure to download the original file for the best printing results. For any questions on downloading or for a step by step process please watch the vides below for demonstration. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

To Download photos individually to your phone

Step 1: Open up your gallery in your email

Step 2: Remember to write down your download pin provided in the left corner of your email

Step 3: Click open photos

Step 4: Find the photo you would like to download and click on it 

Step 5: Click the download arrow in the upper right section of the gallery

Step 6: Enter your email & Download pin

Step 7: Your photo will appear in another tab section on your IPhone. Once your photo opens, press and pull up on your photo. Now click "add to photos"

Step 8: Your photos will now appear in your "photos" folder on your IPhone 

To Download an Entire Gallery

To download an entire gallery, the better option is to use a desktop computer or laptop NOT your Iphone. This way you do not take up space in your phone and are able to backup photos appropriately. For full galleries, you will also have to UNZIP files from your computer and Iphone. If you have questions about how to UNZIP a file please message me directly. 


Step 1:  Open up your gallery in your email

Step 2: remember to write down your download 

pin provided in the left corner of your email

Step 3: Click open photos  

Step 4: Click the three dots in the right hand corner.

Click download

Step 5: Enter your email address & download pin. 

Click Next

Step 6: Choose high resolution (good for printing)

or web size (good for social media) Click Download.

Step 7: Click the link provided. Downloading

may take a few minutes 

Step 8: Click "Open in Files." Choose to save to 

your ICLOUD or the "Files" section on your IPhone

You CANNOT download to the "Photos" album

of your IPhone because files are zipped

Step 9: Share by messaging or email. Or 

upload directly to social media