How To Prepare For Your Maternity Photoshoot

I know right now we are all locked down in quarantine. But I'm trying to be positive and dream about days where we can see PEOPLE again and have IN PERSON conversations. Who else is with me? So, while I'm sitting with Netflix on the TV and a fridge full of quarantine snacks, I decided to be productive. Are you pregnant or expecting? I want to prepare you for the photo shoot of YOUR DREAMS! Scroll down for 5 Tips on how to make your maternity shoot run smoothly.....

1. Bring 1-2 Props

Let's face it. Clients hear props and think that adding 9 million things to a photograph makes it cute & trendy. I disagree. Pick one or two items that you want to incorporate. Here are some timeless suggestions: Baby's first onesie, Sonogram, Baby shoes (adorable!), a meaningful item such as an item from a family member or grandparent who has passed. Keep it meaningful, classy, and timeless! Let the focus be that little baby bump and that little angel in your belly!

2. How to Pose

Posing should be effortless. Strike up a conversation with your photographer, but honestly your photographer should be doing this with YOU! Don't overthink too much. Every pregnant woman feels uncomfortable in photographs, but you need to TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER & trust the process! Let's be real, this is why you are paying them, am i right? A seasoned photographer will know the angles and will make it easy for you and your spouse. Also, the go to pose when all else fails for all my preggo ladies is this: Pop your left leg, place your left hand under your belly to accentuate the bump, turn your head over your shoulder slightly and extend your neck. It may feel uncomfortable, but it is SO flattering in photos and you are still able to see that beautiful belly!

3. Don't be TOO Matchy

When picking out outfits it's so easy to find the exact same color for you, your spouse, and whoever else will be joining the photoshoot. But this to me is so CORNY. Stay away from too many matchy matches and be BOLD. It looks great in photos to mix and match colors with patterns (see my blog post on the perfect outfit for photoshoots). Also dress in a way that is comfortable for you! The new hype is to buy flowy maternity dresses on amazon, and while these look gorgeous in photos it might not be your style and that's OK! These photos should represent you and your newly forming family. Make it your own, but don't be afraid to try something new either.

4. Be Prepared for Lots of Kisses

If you are including your family or your spouse in your photos, be prepared to show lots of affection. I know this can be hard and feel a little bit uncomfortable when someone is staring at your threw a lens, BUT with the appropriate prompts and instruction this affection can actually feel fun and rather than a forced moment.

5. The Best time for Photos!

The best time for maternity photos is between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy (if counting weeks it should be the 30th week of pregnancy). The whole point of maternity photos is to capture your belly bump & growing family. Your bump will be the perfect shape and will look ah-mazing in photos during this time. If you plan for the 7th & 8th months it will leave enough time for you to ensure that you grab those photos before delivery (or early delivery) and will also leave room for rescheduling if something comes up (ex: bad weather for outdoor shoots)

Alright loves! I hope some of this information was useful. If you have any additional questions please feel free to message me.... All of my clients know that my door is always open for questions & discussions prior to any shoots. As always, visit my social media for more photos & freebies:

Instagram: @tiffanycarrphotography



Stay well, love & miss you guys!

Talk to you next time...

xoxo, Tiff

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