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Elopement information

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Package information



Portrait package. This package is designed to take photos after your ceremony & before your reception. Get all of your family portraits & couple photos in a picturesque location so you can enjoy your day. This package can be on the day of your elopement or on a separate day as a mock wedding shoot. 1 hour of coverage time & a minimum of 50 photos.



Ceremony Only. Choose a gorgeous location for your ceremony and let me help tell the story! One hour of coverage time (includes ceremony + portraits after) & a minimum of 100 photos. (add getting ready photos for $125)



Ceremony  & dinner. Let's get you married! The first step is ceremony, the second step is a bite to eat with family & friends. Let me join you on your dinner outing to document your celebration. Three hours of coverage time (includes ceremony, portraits after, + small dinner/reception celebration) each additional hour is $175

-This excludes 6-8 hour traditional weddings-

Love deserves to be celebrated & that doesn't always have to happen traditionally. It can happen at your favorite river, a mountain top, the first place you met. I think that romantic elopements are the perfect way to honor a love story. & I want to help plan something beautiful

Reasons why an elopement may be a good choice for you..

it can be anywhere with a little planning

traditional weddings can be expensive

Traditional weddings can be upward of 20,000 +  You can still have a beautiful day filled with people you love without spending your life savings. And your photos don't have to suffer either. Planning is key here. Most public parks and state parks allow small events or ceremonies with a simple permit. Have dinner at your favorite restaurant after or grab drinks for a toast and a bite to eat. Weddings days do not have to be complex to be romantic and beautiful. It just takes two people who love eachother & want to spend their lives together. 

it can be an adventure 

You can get creative with it! NJ, NY, + PA have some of the most beautiful locations in the world. All you need to do is research a bit. I am happy to give suggestions to my clients or help find the perfect place. I am here to help plan. help pin up your veil, help make sure your tux collar isn't bent. I will help carry your train or find you a safety pin! I am here to make sure the day runs smoothly & that it is memorable in every sense of the word. 

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